Chopsticks China Bistro breaks from the pack
Lori Midson

Chopsticks China Bistro breaks from the pack

Chopsticks China Bistro, the excellent Chinese restaurant whose name is a complete misnomer, insomuch that there is nothing remotely bistro-ish about it, is closing its location at 2990 West Mississippi Avenue in mid-August, only to open a few days later in the former Bourbon Street Pizza space at 5117 South Yosemite Street, in Greenwood Village. "Our lease is up soon, the new restaurant is a lot bigger than the one we have now and we think we'll do better in the Tech Center," said owner-chef David Lee when I talked to him earlier this afternoon over soup dumplings (fantastic, as usual). When Lee relocates to the 5,000-square-foot space, he'll have 170 seats, effectively tripling the number of chairs he's got now, plus a revamped menu and full bar. "We're going to add a lot of new appetizers, main dishes and desserts, and if we can find a bartender, then we'll serve cocktails along with wine, sake and beer," he said.

In case you missed that last part, Mr. Lee is looking for a bartender - a good one, someone who can do more with a Mai Tai then just stick an umbrella in there for good measure. If you've got what it takes to concoct some clever cocktails, call Lee at 303-936-1506. But don't call on Wednesday, because that's the one day each week that Chopsticks is closed. But, Thursday? Thursday is good.


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