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Chopsticks China Bistro opening slated for Wednesday

We've been waiting patiently for Chopsticks China Bistro to unveil its new space at 5117 South Yosemite Street -- and it now looks as though there's a definitive opening date on the calendar. Owner-chef David Lee and his crew are aiming to open up the new spot on Wednesday, September 30, one day after the health inspector is skedded to appear. "The health department was meant to come in last month, but they never showed up," says Vincent Chen, Lee's front guy.

But a delayed health inspection wasn't the only holdup, according to Chen: "We had major equipment delays with stuff that was meant to get here in July, but didn't arrive until Labor Day because the truck apparently broke down. Whatever."

Delays aside, the interior, as you can see from the above pic, is shaping up nicely, and so is the bar menu, which is heavy on wines and cocktails -- the ones that require umbrellas. Lee plans to have two menus: an Americanized one for squeamish suburbanites and another one for the rest of us, plus Szechuan and Mandarin-style specials every day.

As for the former Chopsticks space at 2990 West Mississippi? It's now called Lee's Garden. The owner-chef is David Lee's brother.

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