Colorado State Fair now has looser restrictions on alcohol. Drink up!

It may not have all the amenities of Las Vegas or New Orleans, but the Colorado State Fair is starting to look more and more like Sin City and The Big Easy in the alcoholic beverage department.

A new law goes into effect tomorrow that will allow fair-goers to carry alcoholic beverages more freely around the fairgrounds in Pueblo, where the fair runs August 27 through September 6. In the past, people could move around with drinks only if they were 3.2 beverages -- and even so, they were still prohibited access to certain venues.

"It was a customer-service issue. People were getting very angry because they were getting told at the grandstand or events center, 'Drink it or lose it,' explains Chris Wiseman, the fair's general manager. "The way that the bill works, now no matter where you purchase your liquor on the fairgrounds, you can walk throughout the fairgrounds with that liquor. If you go to the events center, you could go ahead and walk in with your beer."

And not only will the booze flow more freely because of HB10-1099, but it will be available in stronger doses. With the state legislature approving expanded access, many concessionaires decided to modify their liquor licenses so that they can sell wine and mixed drinks, too, Wiseman says.

So now you should be able to carry that 44-ounce margarita all over the fairgrounds. Just remember to consume it after the wild rollercoaster ride.

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Jessica Chapman
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