Colorojo follows Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout as the Wynkoop's latest canned beer

It's hard to follow a beer made with bull testicles, but Wynkoop Brewing Co. is going to try by releasing Colorojo Imperial Red Ale in cans next week.

Like Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, this hoppy, 8.2 percent ABV double red IPA is part of the brewery's new Even Smaller Batch series of canned, hand-labeled beers. The Wynkoop will release two more, Patty's Chile Beer and Pumpkin Ale, later in 2013.

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Head brewer Andy Brown and "I were looking to make something bigger and beefy," says Wynkoop spokesman Marty Jones of the beer's creation. "We've been having fun with bigger beers these days, and since we've had plenty of success with elegant session beers, we figured, why not try something new?"

Imbued with sticky hops, the beer has a strong malty backbone and is "loaded with unctuous, gooey layers from nose to tail," Jones says.

The beer has had success in restaurants outside the brewery and is a staff favorite, so it made sense to can it, he adds: "It a style that Andy and I and the crew are into."

Although the Smaller Batch beers were designed to be seasonal, the Wynkoop will continue to make Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout even as it shifts its focus to Colorojo.

"For the stout, we've just been playing it loose," Jones says. "But every time we think that will be that, we have more stores and more people who want it. So if people keep digging it, we'll just keep making it."

The stout was sold in two-packs -- it is made with bull's balls, after all -- but the Colorojo will come in four-packs of twelve-ounce cans.



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