James Mazzio created great snack food for Neighborhood Flix.

Curtains for Neighborhood Flix

It's curtains for Neighborhood Flix Cinema & Cafe, one of the occupants of the renovated Lowenstein complex on Colfax. The combo restaurant/movie theater will close after less than a year in business, the victim of too much competition for first-run films, and not enough customers.

And that's too bad, because as Jason Sheehan found when he reviewed Neighborhood Flix, it was a great place both to watch a good movie and eat good food (James Mazzio of Via consulted on the menu). Now Denver will be left with lesser attempts at the food/flicks fusion, including Landmark's recent venture in Greenwood Village, where Sheehan had a much less satisfying experience.

Last week, Neighborhood Flix had e-mailed customers news of an October 9 fundraiser with a showing of The Pursuit of Happyness -- not exactly a first-run movie, either. But with the place now closed, looks like that's off. No word yet on who'll next take on Neighborhood Flix's space, part of a project that includes Twist & Shout, a Tattered Cover and Encore, which has fixed some of those noise problems Sheehan noted when he reviewed the restaurant.

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