Word of Mouth

Reader: Don't Even Try to Mess With Pho 95!

Nick Evans
With the temperature dropping, pho season is here. After stopping by the legendary Pho 95, Nick Evans decided to make his own version of beef noodle pho at home for DIY Takeout. "The recipe takes some shortcuts that make it doable while still resulting in great flavors," he says. But some readers think this is one dish he should have skipped. Says James:
One of the best things to "go out" to get. DIY takeout? No, it's not a take-out food.
Adds Hoang: 
Lemongrass, sesame oil, soy and garlic aren't even ingredients in pho. Try star anise, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, cloves, fish sauce. It's not impossible to make at home, but you should at least know what ingredients to use. Maybe do a little research next time?
Concludes Patrick: 
Don't even try to mess with the staff at Pho 95. They have that broth, service and taste on lockdown.
Where do you go for pho? See Nick Evans's DIY Takeout attempt at homemade pho here.
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