Dine-and-ditchers caught on tape at Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar

On the night of Saturday, March 5, a man who clearly likes to eat and the two children accompanying him, waddled through the doors of Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar, shoved a feast down their greedy gullets, and ditched the bill -- and Virgilio Urbano, who owns the restaurant, caught it all on tape.


The dine-and-dashers ordered a glass of wine; a bowl of mussels; an organic field green salad (as you'll see in the video, the heathen thief really should make that his main meal); a fourteen-inch pizza stockpiled with meat (and only meat); a side of anchovies (a sure sign that something was "fishy"); an order of garlic knots; two sodas; a cannoli; a chocolate bomb; and a strawberry tart, all of which they consumed before they made their getaway.

"They came in just before seven, and left just before eight -- right after the piece of shit told the server that the kids were in the bathroom and that he was going out for a smoke," says Urbano, who has since contacted the police and uploaded a YouTube video of the crime in progress, complete with the lyrics to "I'm a Loser" and captions, including this quip:

Now they're talking about their next meal and who else to screw. Based on their size, it will be in about an hour.

"It's disgusting what he did, and even more disgusting that he pulled the kids into it. It's just wrong, and, in my opinion, child endangerment," adds Urbano, noting that the bill was in excess of $70.

If you recognize the swindler in the video above, don't feed him.

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