Domino's serves up some yen for thought

Domino's Pizza is as American as apple pie -- and just as starchy. The pizza purveyor has been all over American TV, telling us how good it is; now it looks as though Domino's strategy of brainwashing the masses has been exported to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Domino's Pizza Japan is offering a one-hour job to a "lucky" winner. The pay for this one hour of work? A hefty 2.5 million yen.

That number was chosen to celebrate Domino's 25th year peddling pizza in Japan.

It translates to 31K, which might sound like a lot of money -- but not if you're selling your soul to the dark side of mass-produced messes of cheese and sauce.

The details of the job won't be revealed until November 10; we're hoping it doesn't involve certain traditional Japanese customs, such as bukkake.

Talk about toppings!

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