El Tepehuan Changing Name to El Tep, Moving Down the Street

The Corral family has been serving combo platters and Mexican breakfasts at El Tepehuan, an Englewood institution, since 1978. But now the restaurant is moving down the block to a bigger corner spot, and the family is officially changing the eatery's name to El Tep, the nickname that many regulars have been using for years.

The new location will provide more seating for customers and will have room for a full bar. There's also a stage, so live music is planned once the move is complete, which management expects will be in July. Graciela and Jesus Miguel Corral have been easing customers into the idea of the new location by placing letters under the glass at each table. Other changes include a new dessert list and a few new menu items, as well as a management team focused on customer service.

The cozy, diner vibe of El Tepehuan, with its open kitchen at the front of the dining room and the vintage aqua color scheme, will be missed, but it's comforting to know that El Tep will not be abandoning old town Englewood. Here's hoping the new place (which was formerly Saigon Palace) will maintain the same charming, small-town atmosphere as the original.

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