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First look: Olive & Finch Eatery, Bakery and Market opens Friday in Uptown

"Are you open?" "When are you opening?" "I can't wait until you open!" I lost count of how many eager people passed through the doors of Olive & Finch earlier this morning, their hopes high that Mary Nguyen's new Uptown restaurant, a casual European-style cafe, was actually selling the muffins, cookies, tarts, banana bread and vibrant salads that greet you when you swing open the door. "Please come back Friday," they were all told. And while you won't need any incentive to spend the day at Olive & Finch, which is utterly enamoring, each and every person who was graciously turned away left with a $5 gift card that they can use when they return. But they'll have to wait until Friday at 8 a.m., which is when Nguyen, who also owns Parallel Seventeen, just a block away, and Street Kitchen Asian Bistro, in Englewood, will unlock the doors of her new restaurant, bakery and market.

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Lori Midson
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