First look: Sam's No. 3 (the third) opens its garage doors in Glendale

The first Sam's No. 3, a popular diner frequented by everyone from politicians and pipsqueaks, opened in 1969 in Aurora. Decades later, owner Sam Armatas opened a second location in the heart of downtown, where poser Guy Fieri swaggered in to film a segment for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and last week, Armatas finally made it a trifecta, unleashing a third outpost in Glendale, in the former space that was occupied by Sam Taylor's, a barbecue joint.

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Any resemblance to Sam Taylor's is long gone, thanks to a major gutting that now reveals shiny chrome and tile, exposed red brick, upholstered booths, a duo of retro counters, a wraparound bar that stretches across two rooms, and a domino line of garage doors, all of which open to the outdoor air. It's not what you would call fancy, but it's definitely sleek, especially for a diner. What remains similar to the other locations is the menu -- a laminated novel of endless breakfast dishes, Mexican staples, sandwiches and burgers, salads, desserts and shakes, the ice cream of which comes from Lik's.

Here's a first look at the new space.

Sam's is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more info, call 303-333-4403.

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