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Five Recent Food Developments That Probably Won't Work

Food companies pair creativity with marketability -- along with a little luck -- to score "the next big thing" in food trends. There are some amazing ideas for new foods and drinks out there, but at the same time, some new products never really take off. Some aren't appealing to consumers, aren't interesting, or miss the mark for trends, but most are just plain not very good. Last week's golden child, Philadelphia bacon cream cheese, is probably one of the best "why did we not have this already?" new foods. Pepsi's intro of a back-to-basics craft soda, on the other hand, will probably turn out to be less popular than Crystal Pepsi (although if they up the kola nut extract, that would help in niche markets).

Here's a list of five recent food developments that probably won't work. Among the soon-to-be-gone new ideas are hangover-flavored pie, a fizzy granola bar, something about David Hasselhoff, and fake meat blood for vegans.

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Jenn Wohletz
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