For the first time ever, Zagat Survey will unleash a Colorado-only restaurant guide...edited by yours truly

It's been called the "burgundy bible" for zealous restaurant nerds, and for the first time since Tim and Nina Zagat (pronounced Zuh-GAT) launched their Survey in 1979, Colorado -- the whole state -- is getting its very own Zagat restaurant ratings guide, which is a big deal considering that the Mile High City and the mountain resort areas have always been relegated to single digit pages in the all-encompassing America's Top Restaurants guide. (Disclosure: I'm the Colorado editor for both America's Top Restaurants and the forthcoming Colorado Survey).

And for the past several weeks, I've been compiling a monster-roster of restaurants -- more than 1,000 -- that span the state, from Denver to Durango, and from now until May 6, you can vote (and comment) on those restaurants, which include everything from dim sum parlors like Star kitchen to taquerias and burger barns to Frasca Food & Wine and Fruition. In addition, surveyors -- that's you, people -- can also spout off on state dining trends: how much we typically tip, how often we eat out and general food and dining trends, like sustainability.

Voting is free at www.zagat.com/rateColorado, and surveyors have the opportunity to weigh in on food, decor and service for each individual restaurant. And if you vote before May 6, you'll be entered into Zagat's Witty Surveyor Contest, where the most pithy, descriptive and clever comments will win $400 to spend on a night out in Denver or a Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet.

In addition, the guide will include a "Best Bang for Your Buck" list, which trumpets restaurants with the best food for the lowest prices.

Ready, set, vote!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.