Four Sunday pre-game meal suggestions for Tim Tebow in Denver

Miami, the city that hosted Tim Tebow's high-school championship game, his national championship game and, only yesterday, the Tim Tebow Revival Hour, is just the starting point on the Tebow Man of the People tour.

Tebow is now tasked with winning on Sundays. In that, umm, spirit, here are the Weege Board's dining suggestions for the Holy Heisman hurler on the Lord's Day.

4. Pancakes from Snooze For the starter of the day's meals, one would begin with a power-packed pancake. The best pancakes are from Snooze (www.snoozeeatery.com), and this 'cake is stuffed with whatever is on the menu and is as fat and round as some Tim's groupies.

3. A Hearty Cut from Elway's The protein of the day should be a big piece of meat, and why not patronize the namesake eatery of our Broncos hero from yesteryear, Elway's? At this meat-and-greet mammary mecca, Tim can order the Porterhouse and not worry about paying the bill.

2. Mac and Cheese at Mizuna Being an all-American boy, Tim won't be able to resist the side dish of some simple mac and cheese. This twisty pasta is done nicely at Mizuna, where it has won numerous awards, including a cheesy plaque from the eaters at the Food Network.

1. Ice Cream from Liks For dessert, how about some ice cream? Denver has some great places for churned milkiness, and Liks even comes with a victor's name. With flavors from Adobe Delight to Yellow Cake, this decadence is sweeter than Tebow on a first date.

Let's just hope that this isn't his Last Supper.

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