Frasca Food & Wine reopens tonight

Six weeks ago, Boulder's Frasca Food & Wine, 1738 Pearl Street, closed its doors for a complete remodel of its space, undertaken in order to expand the dining room of the flagship and add two new restaurants to the family: Pizzeria Locale, featuring wood-fired Napolitano pizzas, and Caffè, a grab-and-go spot with good espresso and panini.

Those six weeks have flown by, and Frasca is ready to reopen its doors tonight.

The new Frasca has a bigger dining room with a private events space, as well as an overhauled kitchen, which was once basically just a hallway in the back. The new, huge, state-of-the-art chef's lair will be helmed on the Frasca side by Brian Lockwood and Jared Sippel, but the massive space will eventually be shared by all three spots.

Though Frasca is reopening right on time, head host Paige Harte says the group is still uncertain about the exact opening dates of the cafe and the pizzeria.

"We're hoping the pizzeria will open the first week of December," she says. "The cafe will open sometime after that."

The schedule depends on the installation of a custom-made Italian oven, which will serve as the cooking vessel for pizza and bread. Once that machine is in place, construction should finish quickly.

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