From Gallagher's to 5280 to Hickory Prime

Driving down Arapahoe Street Wednesday, I almost crashed my car when I saw that the restaurant at the corner of 15th had changed its name. Again.

For years, this space was the home of the execrable Gallagher's, where I once had a very long night with then-Westword restaurant critic Kyle Wagner and Barry. Fey. Then last fall, Gallagher's was out -- finally -- and J. Gonzales took over the place from building owner Bruce Rahmani, retooling it as 5280 Steak House. But now the sign says the restaurant is Hickory Prime Steak House.

Penny Parker has the scoop today: 5280 magazine got an injunction to make Gonzales stop using the 5280 Steak House name -- although it's pretty hard to confuse a magazine and a steak.

And that's not the only name change on the block, as we reported a few weeks ago. Right next door, La Fondue is now Le Chateau, with an expanded French menu. Gonzales took on that space, too, but so far, none of the chateau-ly businesses in the area -- Chateau Liquors, Beauty Chateau, Chateau Apartments, etc. etc. (you can google up dozens of possibilites) are threatening lawsuits.

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