From rock to Riesling: Tool frontman on a different kind of tour

Maynard Keenan, famous for his loud lyrics with the legendary metal band Tool, is a man of varied tastes. And right now, he's singing a different tune.

Co-owner of Arizona Stronghold Vineyards, Keenan and partner Eric Glomski are off on a wine-bottle signing tour. At Whole Foods. You can wipe the mascara out of your eyes and put your tattoo needles down, Tool fans, because you read that right: a wine bottle-signing tour at Whole Foods, which will land them at the Whole Foods at 7400 East Hampden Avenue from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. on February 26 and 27. 

Arizona Stronghold Vineyards opened in 2007. "One of our many goals here in Arizona is to establish a cornerstone around which locally owned and operated, sustainable and organic industries can thrive," Keenan explained.

When I asked what's different about touring for Arizona Stronghold Vineyards and touring for Tool, he replied, "There are no microphones involved. Or drum sets. Or guitars. And we don't have to bring any of the back line, sound, lights, catering or buses. We don't need to manufacture a whole line of passes and laminates, or schedule runners to pick us up from the hotel. There hasn't been any need for us to rehearse our signatures or wine speeches. And generally speaking, it's not as loud and people don't scream in your face and point at your head. I haven't witnessed any moshing at the events, and no one loses shoes/clothing and/or personal belongings. Not that I am aware of, anyway.

"These are, of course, all generalizations. Oh, whatever food may be available to the general public at a show usually isn't organic or locally grown."

Rock on!

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