Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill: Hail fellow, well-Med!

Colorado is the birthplace of a number of popular chains, including Noodles & Company, Smashburger and that golden child, Chipotle Mexican Grill; we're definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to the growing fast-casual movement.

And also when it comes to the growing group of fast-casual chains that emphasize healthy eating. Chains like Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, for example.

The fast-casual, or "fast-caz," trend in this country is on the rise, with diners craving freshly prepared dishes with a lean calorie count that are reasonably priced -- and available when they want them. These demands used to add up to a tall order, but thanks to the ingenuity of outside-the greasy-box entrepreneurs like Garbanzo founder Alon Mor, today customers really can get everything they want. In Denver, at least.

While Laura Shunk was on vacation last week, I went out on a special Jenn in Chains assignment to learn how Mor turned his tahini dreams into delicious babaganoush for the masses, building a chain of restaurants that focuses on serving healthy, fresh, fast-casual Middle Eastern food.

How did he do it? Find out tomorrow, when my piece is published here.

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