Get your hands on a Knork, the new way to eat

Let's do a quick review of silverware. The fork? Too barbarian. The spoon? Too dainty. The knife? COME ON!!! Chopsticks? Too Asian. The spork? What is this, amateur hour? The Knork? Hell, yeah. 

A few days ago I got my hands on the newest technology in the gastro-mechanical-delivery-system science. The Knork is the inevitable evolution of the spork, putting all the grab-y, eat-y abilities of the fork and the cut-y, slice-y capabilities of the knife in one compact solution--without the childishness of the spoon! 

The Knork got its start when Mike Miller was in eighth grade and attempting to knife-and-fork a pizza. He theorized that there must be a better way to do this. At nineteen, he took one of his mother's forks and, using Bondo, an auto putty, he began to create the Knork. 

Miller is now 29, and the Knork is on the market -- and in use around town. You can try it at
Snooze AM Eatery at 2262 Larimer Street or the Summit Steakhouse at 2700 South Havana in Aurora.

It's a heavier utensil with broad, curved tines, a larger finger platform and a well-balanced handle. It slides through waffles, pizza, chicken and more in style. It'sis especially useful for the hand-injured -- or for cutting food at cocktail parties WHILE STANDING!

As Lacy Simon, vice president of Knork Flatware, elaborates: "Knork is a product that you would never believe could work...until you try it. It may prompt eye rolling due to its name and the concept of adding the cutting capability to the fork, and the skeptics think it will do more harm than good - but it is actually a better way to eat, makes eating easier....

"the Knork is far more than a novelty and a gimmick," she continues. "We have expanded the line to include a full table presentation to modernize dining -- bringing functionality, a cool factor and comfort/quality to flatware!"

You canpurchase a Knork of your own on the Knork website, or at a variety of retail locations.

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