Golden City Brewery stops serving food and cider; plans to open winery later this year

After more than four years of serving food along with its hand-crafted beers, Golden City Brewery has decided to shutter its kitchen and rely on food trucks instead.

"We were already really small, and the health department changed their requirements for what we had to do to have a kitchen," says Tamara Munroe, the daughter of brewery founders Charlie and Janine Sturdevant. "They want us to add about six more bathroom stalls. But that would take up most of our garden space, so we can't do it."

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The brewery actually closed its kitchen last year, but the switch from having a brewpub license to having a beer-manufacturing license will take place on Saturday, July 12.

As a result, Golden City will no longer be able to make and serve its cider, since that requires a winery and brewpub license. It also won't be able to serve the Bloody Marys and Mimosas it had been pouring on Sunday mornings.

"I think some customers are kind of sad," Munroe says.

In better news, the Sturdevants are planning to open a winery -- and get a winery license -- at the same location sometime later this year, which means they will be able to produce and sell their cider again, Munroe says. Although she can't share many details now, she says the process in under way.

To make up for the lack of a kitchen, Golden City has begun welcoming food trucks on the weekends. And the Golden Natural Market across the street, which bought the brewery's pizza ovens and sandwich stations, can deliver.



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