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Goldspot Brewing Opens Saturday Near Regis With Six Beers

Matt Hughes and Alex Sward know it’s a risk to start another new brewery in Denver, a city that already has nearly fifty of them. But they’re comfortable taking that chance. An insurance agent , Hughes specializes in helping breweries manage risks of all kind. And they’re confident in their beer as well.

On February 21, Hughes and Sward will open Goldspot Brewing at 4970 Lowell Boulevard, just a block from the Regis University campus, in a neighborhood without a lot of beer-drinking options. The small spot has a cozy, neighborhood feel to it and an anxious would-be clientele looking for a pint or two.

“We couldn’t have picked a better time to open in this neighborhood,” Hughes says. “And it’s nice not to be downtown.”

The pair, who are brothers-in-law, looked around at other neighborhoods in Denver for a while, including Park Hill, but on a visit to a client one day, Hughes noticed the building he’s in now. They leased it back in 2013 and spent the next eighteen months or so getting it into shape.

When they open, Goldspot — which is named for the golden-colored circle on the Colorado flag — will have a taproom with seating for 63 guests and six beers on tap, including an IPA, a Belgian pale ale, a coffee cocoa porter, an imperial stout, a Kolsch-style golden ale and Uh Huh Honey, a honey-infused IPA that Goldspot collaborated on with the owners of Cerebral, a brewery in planning.

You can drink those at a huge community table with room for twenty people or at the bar and tables, made from reclaimed train car floors. Brick walls and huge garage doors finish out the décor.

In the back, they’ve got a seven-barrel brewing system that Hughes will operate by hand – something he wanted. “There are no buttons to push,” says Hughes, who is looking forward to the physical demands of brewing. “That’s part of the whole romanticism of the industry.”

Goldspot will be open from noon to 10 p.m. on Saturday. The grand opening will feature pizza from Basic Kneads.
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