Have you eaten at Early Bird? Serve up your own review!

Too busy to get to everything on Cafe Society's plate this week? Here's another helping of some of our entrees:

Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Early Bird Restaurant in Westminster. Here's the capsule version of her full review:

It might seem easy to make an omelet, but it isn't -- as the dishes flying out of the kitchen at Early Bird Restaurant, a quaint breakfast-and-lunch spot that opened in Westminster in the summer of 2012, can attest. Chef-owner Daniel Cofrades, who runs the place with his wife, Kristen, did cook for Pope John Paul II while at Michel Rostang in Paris, but we're pretty sure that didn't confer any special status on him. Nor does Kristen's role as an instructor at Johnson & Wales, where much of Early Bird's staff hails from. The Cofradeses, both longtime chefs who share a commitment to organic, locally sourced ingredients, just have a way with eggs. And not just in omelets, but in eggs Benedict and huevos rancheros, too. While Early Bird serves other breakfast items as well as lunch, the egg dishes are all they're cracked up to be.

Coloflyfisher posted his own take on Early Bird:

What a wonderful restaurant. The food is great, service is top notch, everyone is super friendly! I had a chance to meet the owners as well, they are very welcoming. I will be back, you should check it out!

Have you eaten at Early Bird? If so, add your own review of the restaurant with the help of Voice Places.

Also on Cafe Society this week:

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Other action on the dining scene:

Opening this week: - Corner House - Local Bar @ Highland - Cannonball Creek - Jax Fish House in LoDo (reopening after renovations)

Closing this week: Carbone's Italian Sausage Deli - Tamayo (closing for renovations) - Parisi (closing for renovations) - Jelly (the original in Capitol Hill is closing for renovations)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.