Hooters lunch offers these students extra credit in physical education

Just when you thought your kids were not getting a real education, a field trip has justified our faith in the teaching profession.

A group of eighth-graders from Berwick, Pennsylvania, recently went to Baltimore on a school-sponsored field trip to visit the National Aquarium. The group of a hundred students was too large for one restaurant to accommodate, so the chaperones decided to split the kids into groups of fifteen to twenty -- one of which wound up at a nearby Hooters for lunch. So far, Superintendent Wayne Brookhart hasn't heard any complaints, according to the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise.

Since these kids have already learned their lesson at Hooters, here are a few places closer to home where they can go for extra credit:

The Tilted Kilt has an outpost in a suburb of Pittsburgh. With the chain's tagline of "Cold beer never looked so good," this spot would present an excellent opportunity for students to study the behavior of their chaperones as a visual marker.

The Cabaret nightclub is where boys become men and women get in for free. There is even a Facebook page where you can "like" the mammary mecca -- but dads will have cover the two-drink minimum to get kids in.

Good Old Days Bar & Grill promises that it has the "Best head in town." While we're guessing this refers to its draft beer and not the Webcam tab on its homepage, eager pupils might want to bookmark this for later study.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.