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India House closes in LoDo: Hapa Sushi will open in its place in August

"I could have kept it open for a few more weeks, but I was just done and wanted to get out," admits Ghugi Singh, the owner of India House, which served its last meal in LoDo on Saturday night.

Singh, who opened the elegant India House in 2007 in the same quarters that originally housed Delhi Darbar, which Singh introduced to Denver in 1991, also owns India Tavern, in south Denver, a restaurant, he says, that's now his primary focus -- at least until he unleashes another curry den, which is on the horizon.

"For the moment, I'm planning to focus on India Tavern, but I definitely want to open another Indian restaurant in a smaller place, either downtown or somewhere else in Denver," he reveals. "I want to do something completely different," he adds, "something unique that's Denver hasn't seen."

And Singh plans to spend a few weeks in England digging up ideas. "I'm going to the UK to check out the Indian restaurants there and see what's new and exciting," because England, he insists, has "more interesting Indian restaurants than India."

But his new restaurant -- wherever it lands -- won't be remotely similar to India House, a concept, confesses Singh, that didn't jive with the wallets of customers. "When I opened India House, it was very different from every other Indian restaurant in Denver -- it was upscale and contemporary -- but people aren't used to paying high prices for Indian food, so my next place will be much more affordable and definitely not fine-dining."

In the meantime, India House, a two-tiered restaurant with an additional two floors of office space above it, has been sold to the owners of Hapa Sushi, which has two locations in Boulder, one in Cherry Creek and another in the Landmark at Greenwood Village. The LoDo Hapa, says Singh, will open in August.

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