India's Best Restaurant & Bar opens in Littleton

There's no shortage of Indian restaurants in this city, but with the exception of a few -- Jai Ho and Masalaa -- they're mostly carbon copies of one another. Add now we can add another mimic to the lineup: India's Best Restaurant & Bar, which opened recently in a Littleton small mall.

But while the menu, a pedestrian-sounding syllabus of curries, samosas, naan and tandoori dishes, doesn't deliver any surprises, the food -- most notably the chile-intensive, searingly hot lamb vindaloo -- makes it a worthwhile stop if you're in the 'hood. And you might recognize the chef, Hardial Singh, who spent the last two decades cooking in several Denver-based Indian restaurants, including all of the Little India outposts. "He stopped cooking at Little India three months ago, because he wanted to open his own restaurant," says his son, Baljit.

The space -- a former bar -- is boxy, a bit sparse and really, really bright (too bright), but there's a full bar, a few TVs with the sound turned down and the servers, all of which are family, couldn't be nicer.

India's Best is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. For more info, call 303-484-9535.

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