Jack-n-Grill gets its fifteen minutes -- and seven pounds -- of fame

Jack-n-Grill, the Martinez family's great New Mexican restaurant at 2524 Federal Boulevard, will get its fifteen minutes of fame this week -- and then some.

The focus of all the national attention is Jack-n-Grill's big burrito deal: Take down the house's seven-pound burrito in one sitting (no fair visiting the bathroom), and it's taken off the tab -- and the diner's picture is posted on a wall of fame (right before the diner passes out).

Today at lunchtime, a film crew from the Travel Channel's new show, Extreme Places to Pig-Out, will be at the restaurant filming fans' attempts to down the big burrito. And on Thursday, January 22, Adam Richman, host of the channel's Man v. Food, will be back at Jack-n-Grill at noon, taking on the seven-pounder himself.

Want to train for the big event? Head to Jack-n-Grill for breakfast, when the same deal holds for a relatively puny five-pound breakfast burrito. We were there last Saturday, watching a table of very big boys attempting to clear their plates. Only one managed to do so, but from the roar of the crowd, you would have thought he'd won the Super Bowl. (And a super bowl is where he might have been headed next.)

If you'd prefer to skip the pounds of potatoes, beans, cheese and meat, Jack-n-Grill has plenty of other options, some of them even healthy, as well as the Best Green Chile in Denver, according to Jason Sheehan (but then, he's a New Mexican purist).

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