Jamba Juice rolls out kiddie blender just in time for the season of "I want it now"

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to start thinking about Christmas shopping? It is an American tradition after all. What would we do if we didn't have an entire aisle of the grocery stores crammed year-round with campy crap.

But all scroogery aside, Jamba Juice has announced an at-home version of its in-store juice blenders that are pushed toward kids, eight and up. Get this: It even includes a dual ice pop maker so your youngsters can freeze the various concoctions they create. (I'm thinking a Playdough and chocolate milk smoothie sounds about right.) While it's a good bet that the good folks at Jamba Juice have made certain this is a safe diversion for the wee ones, there's always cause for pause whenever kitchen appliances are paired down for little Timmy. I never actually owned an Easy-Bake oven (cough), but I've burned the hell out of my fingers on a 100 watt bulb before. Fun? Not really. But maybe this is the kind of educational toy meant for the kids that didn't spend all their time perfecting paper footballs in math class.

Anyway, if you have tykes who needs a leg up on their first high school job, head to your nearest Toys "R" Us and pick one up.

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