Justice League of Street Food hypes secret street-food party on Facebook

Last week, at a secret gathering of street-food vendors, these mobile entrepreneurs conducted a test run for what Josh Wolkon, owner of the Steuben's Food Truck, called Denver's own version of the Portland pod, a frequent meet-up of trucks and carts in that Oregon city that draws the crowds and has a party-like buzz.

And there's plenty of buzz over Denver's upcoming event. Although the date (it's definitely August 21) and location (somewhere downtownish) aren't yet official, a new page has popped on on Facebook for the Justice League of Street Food.

Over the weekend, a tantalizing post appeared on that page: "Mark your calendars street food fans: Saturday, August 21 from 6-10 PM. It's going to be the party of the summer."

The mysterious people behind the page say they won't announce the location of the party until the day of the event, but will provide clues in the coming days. Like this one dropped by Biker Jim last Friday: "We had the first meeting of the Justice League of Street Food at the site of our first party coming up in like 3 weeks. I dig the fact that it is so close to downtown and nobody knows it's even there. If you're interested in what is going on with that be sure and check out the FB page."

The page will also introduce the League's members this week, starting with the Cupcake Truck and Biker Jim's. Look for Steuben's, the Biscuit Bus, Pinche Tacos, Steamin' Demon and the Gastro Cart to make their appearances, too.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.