Kim & Jake's Cakes will start peddling their pastries at Whole Foods

For the past six months, Kim and Jake Rosenbarger have been wooing Boulderites with baked goods from Kim & Jakes Cakes, their namesake storefront at 641 South Broadway, where they bake cakes, cupcakes and pies, in addition to cake terrines, moon pies and other sugar-filled experiments.

And now they've landed a deal with Whole Foods, which will begin selling the couple's cakes and pies at its 2905 Pearl Street location later this year, once the high-end grocer completes its long-awaited expansion.

"We had our final tasting last week," says Jake. "We'll be selling three pies and six four-inch cakes once the new layout opens."

That enlarged layout, by the way, will make the Pearl Street address one of the largest Whole Foods in the country, and the expanded bakery display, prime turf for the couple's boozy cake lineup, which includes the chocolate stout, the white Russian, the sidecar and either the cosmopolitan or daiquiri. In addition, Whole Foods will sell Kim and Jake's Shirley Temple cake and a whole-grain parsnip cake that Jake says is similar to carrot cake -- but lighter and full of orange spice.

Kim and Jake's sweets will be available as soon as the store unmasks its new addition, which, notes Jake, has been tentatively slated for December 16.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.