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Kolache Cabin again rolling in dough on South Santa Fe

It's been a wild ride since the Kolache Cabin rolled onto a vacant lot at Alameda and South Santa Fe Drive last month. The mobile food joint quickly found fans who'd been craving kolaches since the area's last major purveyor, Kolache Factory, closed a few years ago. But then last week, the Kolache Cabin itself disappeared.

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The Cabin's owner, who goes by the name Munson, is a California native who has been in Colorado for the past eighteen years, and had worked as a sports-massage therapist before he decided to look into the food-truck business. A frequent patron of the Kolache Factory, he saw a gap in the market when that place closed ...and his opportunity.

Turns out, though, he didn't have the proper license to set up shop where he parked the Kolache Cabin. "We apologize for no notice," he posted on the Kolache Cabin's Facebook page the day the truck disappeared. "We are having some issues with city zoning. We should be up and running early next week."

And they came close: On July 22, the city issued its zoning permit for 280 South Santa Fe Drive -- and this morning Kolache Cabin was back in its familiar spot, as it will be at 6 a.m. tomorrow.

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