Fried red velvet cake. Finally!
Fried red velvet cake. Finally!
Liz Kellermeyer

LaMar's red velvet cake donut, plus freebies

There are only a few places in Denver pumping out fresh, quality donuts to brighten your morning and LaMar's is perhaps our favorite. When they announced their new limited addition flavor for May -- red velvet -- we knew resistance would be futile.

"Look," you're saying, "all 'red velvet' means is that a shit ton of red dye has been added to the batter." Guess who has two thumbs and doesn't care? Plus, we'll argue that it's the presence of cocoa in the recipe and the pairing of cream cheese frosting with the cake that really makes the dessert a culinary standout and not just a pretty face.

So how does the dessert fare in donut form?

The cake donut is dense and moist, a much heftier counterpart to the shop's lighter yeast-risen selection. While chocolate isn't a dominate flavor in the cake, there are some darker cocoa notes present. The white icing, while technically "old-fashioned cream cheese" has only a slight tang to differentiate it from a standard vanilla. Together, the cake and icing represent the Southern dessert well and if you're looking to switch up your standard order this month, the red velvet cake donut is worth your time and dollar.

If you'd rather not spend the dollar and you happen to be a mom, stop by any LaMar's this Sunday, May 9, to receive a free donut of your choosing. Not a bad way to start off Mother's Day.

Even more restrictive and random (though also more generous): If it's your birthday today, May 7, stop by with your government-issued proof and claim a free dozen glazed donuts. That's right: you not only share a birthday with Traci Lords and Tchaikovsky, you're twinsies with founder Ray LaMar and are benefiting wildly from it. Happy eating!

Red velvet cake donut: $.97


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