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Lancer Lounge gets evicted and will close tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Update: For photos of Lancer Lounge's final night, visit "Slide show: Lancer Lounge's last night." For more on the developing story, read "Lancer Lounge seized by State of Colorado for back taxes."

I don't remember the first time I went to the Lancer Lounge -- it was more than a decade ago -- but I do remember the last time I was there. It was a typical Friday night at the venerable watering hole, where the drinks are as stiff as a starched shirt. Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" was blasting on the jukebox, and the cheap whiskey -- a single that's always a double here -- went down easy. And after a few, the liquid courage had done its job, convincing me to belt out the lyrics...and dance, slow, with a perfect stranger, whose name I'll never know. Nothing out of the ordinary. No one cared.

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