Laughing all the way to the bank: The Twilight empire now includes a cookbook

Say what you will about the guilty train wreck that is the Twilight series, but the indulgent fluff that's being spooned up by teenage girls (and voyeuristic women) the world over has got a lot of people laughing all the way to the bank.

Including Gina Meyers, who penned Love at First Bite: The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook last year, twisting the tale into a bunch of recipes easy enough to be made by the swooning junior high students most likely to buy the book. Self-published, it's now available on Amazon.com and at Target, dishing out trivia and party-planning checklists alongside recipes for Charlie's catch of the day Crabcakes and Edward's Cornflake Chicken (why Edward had incentive to master cornflake chicken when he's survived for a century on animal blood is anyone's guess).

If the doting references to vampire and werewolf man-candy don't make you want to barf, the recipes might; Too Hot to Handle Popcorn is made with margarine, red hots and corn syrup, for instance, sure to be a hit at a sleepover somewhere, but probably not safe for consumption otherwise.

The Office character Kevin Malone quipped of the book in a recent episode, "I cooked my way through Julie Child's cookbook and I am halfway through the Twilight Cookbook. I just made Edward Cullen's Cornflake Chicken."

Which begs a question: How long until the Twi-hards create Alinea at Home-like blogs documenting their journey through Bella's culinary world?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.