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Locavore Delivery Offers a Safe Way to Source Local Meats

A small delivery of meat from Locavore Delivery.
A small delivery of meat from Locavore Delivery. Linnea Covington

Former chef Craig Taber saw a need for a locally driven meat delivery service in Denver long before the coronavirus epidemic made it a safe alternative to going out in public to shop. That's why in 2014 he started Locavore Delivery to bring good, true farm-to-table meats to your doorstep.

"I know the importance of sourcing high-quality, pasture-raised meats, both from a taste perspective and a health perspective, and I was disappointed with the lack of convenient options to do so in Colorado," says Taber, who used to work as the executive chef at Zias Cafe in Hawaii. "I started researching and bought a whole cow from a guy I met on Craigslist, and it was terrible."

click to enlarge Craig Taber and one of the cattle ranchers he works with. - LOCAVORE DELIVERY
Craig Taber and one of the cattle ranchers he works with.
Locavore Delivery
This experience in 2013 is what launched Locovore Delivery, a meat subscription and delivery service created with the goal of sourcing good meat from quality providers and getting it to those who wanted to eat better chicken, beef, bison and pork. With the onset of coronavirus, isolation and the closing of restaurants, Taber is dedicated to getting these products out even more, both for his suppliers and for people at home cooking the food.

"Our suppliers rely heavily on selling to local restaurants, and their livelihood is being threatened by the shutdown," he says. "At Locavore Delivery, we've committed to buying additional meat to help stabilize their businesses in these uncertain times."

click to enlarge Using bacon from Locavore Delivery to make a pasta carbonara. - LINNEA COVINGTON
Using bacon from Locavore Delivery to make a pasta carbonara.
Linnea Covington

Customers generally receive their deliveries within a few days, and the company has taken many precautions when it comes to handling the meat. All the food is frozen, the staff wears gloves when dealing with it, and it's all sealed in a USDA-inspected facility and opened next only by the customer. And it's a non-contact business, since you can buy it online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Choose from multiple packages that range in size and theme — for example, the classic Locavore set, which includes a changing list of meats, from breakfast sausage to chicken thighs to salmon. The price and amount of meat in the box depends on the size you choose and basic market rates. Or go for a specialty pack such as the breakfast box, chicken box or combination chicken and salmon box.

click to enlarge Craig Taber on a pig farm in Wyoming. - LOCAVORE DELIVERY
Craig Taber on a pig farm in Wyoming.
Locavore Delivery

Or, if you want complete control of what you get for a four- or eight-week period, pick from the online marketplace that includes bison New York strip steak from High Point Bison in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming; habanero uncured bacon from Tender Belly in Denver; baby back ribs from Wachtel Station in Roggen, Colorado; or beef tenderloin from Sangres Best Beef, an all-woman-owned and -operated farm in Westcliffe. 

Although much of the meat originates in Colorado, some comes from Wyoming and Kansas, and the wild sockeye salmon is caught in Bristol Bay, Alaska. These choices were made based less on proximity and more on quality and taste, something Taber seeks with all of his products. Taber even sells meaty, grass-fed beef bones from Koberstein Farms out of Holyoke, Colorado, for your dogs.

click to enlarge Thick, uncured bacon chopped up for cooking. - LINNEA COVINGTON
Thick, uncured bacon chopped up for cooking.
Linnea Covington
"Our ranch partners are like family to us, and there is a layer to the relationship that's critical, such as do they produce, or are they willing to produce, at a quality level that is a good fit for our customers," says Taber, who has been researching purveyors over the past seven years after the  aforementioned beef order and many other bad experiences that left him hungry for something better. "Also, I ask, do we like each other? That's important to us, because we love what we do, and we want to work with people who love what they do, too."
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