Marlowe's marks its thirtieth birthday with an all-day party

Happy thirtieth birthday to


, which opened in February 1982 on 16th Street -- before there was even a 16th Street Mall. We'd gotten to know Phil "Zoom" Roberts as the owner/operator of

Govnr's Park

, a '70s fern-bar hangout that remains a sports bar hangout today, and when he and his partners decided to put a third restaurant in the then-vast dining wasteland of downtown (they'd already opened


, a still-smoking barbecue joint in Aurora), we were all for it.

Mostly because they were opening Marlowe's in the historic Kittredge Building, at the time the office of our typesetters...a group who worked very cheaply because they were followers of the Guru Maharaj Ji, head of the Divine Light Mission that was headquartered in Denver.

The Guru is long gone, and typesetting is a thing of the past. Today, Downtown Denver and the Denver Partnership are the most prominent occupants of that building.

And Marlowe's, of course, which now fronts the 16th Street Mall, the city's major tourist attraction that will celebrate its own thirtieth anniversary this month.

To celebrate its birthday, Marlowe's is throwing an '80s birthday party today, with happy hour all day long, checks reduced to 82 percent of their total, and a trio of original items from the menu -- the burger, chicken piccata and chipotle pasta -- at their original prices. The Steve Thomas Band will also play from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Find more information on the festivities here. And read our Chef and Tell interview with Marlowe's Eric Uffelman here -- complete with some comments that indicate you don't survive thirty years without a few bruises.

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