McCormick's Fish House & Bar renovation, like the Rapture, has been postponed

The Rapture has been postponed from last Saturday to October 21, and the renovation of McCormick's Fish House & Bar has also been postponed -- but only until May 31.

That means you have another week to enjoy the bar's legendary greyhounds (fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice), happy-hour food deals and camaraderie before it closes for a month-long renovation project, the first major overhaul since McCormick's moved into this corner space in the Oxford Hotel.

Westword staffers were there the day McCormick's opened, and we were back Friday night.

That's when we got the news of the one-week delay from Dana Crawford, who redeveloped the Oxford Hotel in the '80s and brought McCormick's in. Crawford also had good news: the historic stained glass pieces now behind the bar will move to a back wall, where they will get better lighting.

Those pieces were originally in the area that's now McCormick's dining room; the dining room will be closing for its own renovation in June, right about the time the bar reopens; when both of those projects are done, the Cruise Room will get a facelift. But all through the process, there will still be spots to eat and drink at the Oxford -- and to raise a glass to this Denver landmark.

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