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McDonald's new CBO sandwiches are too saucy and salty -- but load up on holiday pies

McDonald's is trying to kill us with 1830 milligrams of sodium at a time, most of which may be in the form of some seriously over-applied sauce.

I was eager to try the new CBO -- Cheddar, bacon and onion -- Angus burger and chicken sandwiches, because I'm enthusiastic about trying anything new at McDonald's. Seriously: If they made bootleg, toxic-waste meatloaf I'd order it with McGravy. But I discovered on my last trip through the Golden Arches that I have limits, and sammies slathered with soul-suckingly salty sauce is where I throw up my greasy mitts and walk away. But I will walk away with a bag of McHoliday pies.

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Jenn Wohletz
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