Mecca Grill will soon serve more Moroccan food -- what else does Denver need?

When I was growing up, in a town far, far from the coasts, pretty much all cuisines other than Chinese and Mexican were underrepresented, and the few ethnic restaurants that were there could hardly be considered authentic. In Denver today, we slurp pho, gnaw on Korean kalbi, and savor the richness of aji de gallina in restaurants that are more numerous than parking spots at Trader Joe's. But some foods still remain underrepresented in Denver, and Moroccan is one of them. See also: Mecca Grill is changing course from Lebanon to Morocco

That will change as the new owners of Mecca Grill, which I review this week, transform had had been a Lebanese restaurant into a broader Mediterranean eatery.

Still, many other ethnic cuisines are in short supply here. What would you like to see in Denver, and when is enough enough?

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