Melatonin-laced brownies and cookies launch market for relaxation edibles

Having trouble sleeping? Rather than popping an Ambien, why not have a melatonin-laced brownie?

Melatonin, sold in caplet form and then added to a beverage, has been a popular way to combat insomnia for a couple of decades, but now the stuff is laced in brownies, cookies and cakes, all legally sold over the counter even though they're intended to mimic the effects of hash brownies.

Lazy Cakes, Kush Cakes and Lulla Pies are all recent entrants in the relaxation edibles market, offering treats that contain a small dose of melatonin, which purportedly aids sleep and encourages relaxation. And while the boxes carry warnings against feeding the snacks to children, they're available in drug stores and grocery stores across the country, labeled as a dietary supplement to appease the FDA. Lazy Cakes's website suggests eating one to unwind after a day fueled by energy drinks, thereby completing the cycle of uppers and downers.

Enticing as they sound, we'd expect the relaxation edibles to find a tough market in this city, where real hash brownies are readily available to MMJ card carriers.

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