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Memorial service on February 5 for Vesta sous chef Curtis Caldwell, who passed away last week

Curtis Caldwell -- beloved partner, brother, son, friend, chef, philanthropist, master hula-hooper, magician and one of the kindest souls the Denver restaurant community has ever known -- passed away just under a week ago at Denver Health. And while we continue to try and cope with his loss, the Vesta Dipping Grill family, where Caldwell was the sous chef, is marking his passing with a celebration of his life on Tuesday, February 5, at Ace, which is owned by Josh and Jen Wolkon, who also run Vesta and Steuben's.

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The service will begin at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, and to honor Caldwell, the Wolkons ask that those who attend "please wear a quirky t-shirt that speaks to your personality, interests, beliefs or life." That "will make Curtis smile," says Josh.

"Curtis would want a casual affair, which is why we chose the quirky t-shirt theme," says Caldwell's current partner, Joe Davis. "Do some shopping on the 16th Street Mall, Hot Topic or Spencer's," he recommends, noting that "nothing is really inappropriate. You should see the shirt I'll be wearing...he got it for me for Christmas."

Ace, located at 501 East 17th Avenue, will be closed to the public for lunch on Tuesday, and Vesta Dipping Grill will be closed for the entire day. Everyone is welcome to attend the memorial service and raise a toast to Curtis Caldwell, a man whose easy smile and infectious spirit we miss more than he'll ever know.

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