Molecular magician Ian Kleinman will host four NOMAD pop-up dinners later this month

Last month, Phil Armstrong, the founder of HUSH Concepts, let loose NOMAD -- one-off dinners that "pop-up" at various venues throughout the city, their addresses kept off the radar until just hours before the dinners begin. James Mazzio was tapped to be the chef for the March dinners, but a personal situation forced him to bow out at the last minute, which left Armstrong scrambling. He roped in Chad Clevenger (the Porker Cart) and molecular magician Ian Kleinman to pinch-hit, and Kleinman, who had already hosted a HUSH dinner, is the creative force behind this month's NOMAD dinners, which pop-up at a secret location on Friday, April 22; Saturday, April 23; and Sunday, April 24, with two seatings on Saturday.

"Ian doesn't really have a kitchen of his own, so this is one of the few places where you can really get the whole Ian experience," says Armstrong. "When Ian did his first HUSH dinner, he was really engaging, totally thought out of the box and did a lot of really great molecular stuff, making it an experience that you won't get in a traditional restaurant -- ans that's what HUSH and NOMAD are all about," Armstrong explains.

To make reservations for Kleinman's out-of-this-world dinner -- which includes wine, five courses and a Miracle Fruit tasting for $90 per person, excluding gratuity -- RSVP to phil@hushdenver.com.

And for a sneak peek at the menu, turn the page.


First Course: Grilled shrimp carpaccio, dried chilies, carbonated citrus cells, charcoal oil, peeled cherry tomatoes and cilantro

Second Course: Fried chicken consomme, buttermilk dippin' dots, peeled and compressed celery and cornbread foam

Third Course: Coconut milk sorbet with braised pineapple, strawberry champagne jelly and vanilla bubbles made tableside

Fourth Course: Sous-vide Tasmanian pepper-encrusted sirloin in butter and tarragon, and served with smoked milk pudding, Sriracha cubes, candy cane carrots and demi-glace caviar

Dessert: Flexible white chocolate with Nutella powder, liquid nitrogen malted ice cream, exploding whipped cream and peanut butter pop rocks

Miracle Fruit Tasting

For more information on Hush, visit www.hushdenver.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.