Openings and Closings

Moontower Tacos will soon be serving tacos morning, noon and night

Construction is going quickly on the project to transform the former home of Thai Mango at 609 Grant Street into Moontower Tacos.

Owner Brent Thrash, a native of Austin who went to the University of Colorado, is predicting his place will open in a couple of weeks.

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When it does, Moontower will be all about tacos -- with tacos available at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The place will open at 7 a.m. most days, and serve until 9 p.m.

Thrash didn't set out to become a restaurateur. After he graduated CU -- he'd studied finance and real estate -- he couldn't find a job in the bottomed-out economy, worked for his uncle's restaurants for a while, then traveled around the world for seven months. He returned to Colorado, the perfect place to live -- except for its lack of the kind of tacos he'd enjoyed in Texas. And so he's now bringing tacos to Denver. And not just any tacos, either: On his travels, Thrash says, he "fell in love with delicious street foods and flavors" -- and many of those will be reflected in his "uniquely American" tacos

"We hope you will enjoy eating them as much as we have enjoyed finding, creating and testing them," he says on the Moontower Tacos website. "Thank you for letting us do what we love in a city that we love."

As for that name, the website says:

The name Moontower comes from this humble abode where Brent Thrash and 8 friends lived during their junior year at CU. The classic movie Dazed and Confused had an influence on the name. It was a place like no other, where you would always have a great time with great people. Many epic memories were made right there, and wanted to carry on the tradition by creating a fast casual taco restaurant that had the same feel: always fun with great food, great people and great times.

Watch for the great times to start at the new Moontower Tacos by the end of the month.

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