Get 'em while they're hot: Brunch at Hot Cakes, a breakfast/lunch cafe at 1400 East 18th Avenue, is sure to get you going--especially if you ask for wiseass waitperson Tracy Porter. Noticing that I am rather pregnant, Porter proceeded to turn my husband's face twenty shades of red by asking him, "Okay, stud, you did good. Now what'll you have for breakfast?" We both chose meals appropriate to the situation: He went with the manly sausage-gravy-smothered pancakes ($2.75 for two cakes) and I ordered the craving-soothing chocolate-chip pancakes (same price). The chips were half-melted between the two cakes, and the whole deal was covered with real whipped cream. Porter insisted on adding the extra touch, though: A bowl of chunky peanut butter turned the whole mess into an enormous Reese's peanut butter cup. As we were leaving, I overheard Porter, who was pointing at me, tell two frail-looking elderly women to "eat what she ate. It'll put some weight on you."

Location, location, location: Ever since Benny's Restaurant and Cantina moved to its spiffy new home at 301 East Seventh Avenue, the place has been packing them in. But owner Benny Armas (who some fans fondly remember for his #7 plate when he was the cook at the long-gone Oak Alley Inn) wasn't as lucky with Benny's original location, just down the street at 225 East Seventh Avenue; its incarnation as the 7th Avenue Grill was a disappointment. So now he's sticking with a proven winner and turning the storefront into Benny's Express Mexican Grill, which will serve up more great Mexican food--with the addition of some grilled items--fast and, of course, hot! Armas even promises a south-of-the-border variation on a Greek gyros spit.

Free advertising (whether they want it or not): Despite earlier denials, Morton's of Chicago will move from its ten-year-old home in the Tivoli to the Streetcar Stables building at the corner of 17th Street and Wynkoop in LoDo by early 1995...Evergreen's notorious Little Bear occupies the original home of the notorious Roundup Grill, a Thirties dance hall. Now the Roundup itself has been reincarnated at 28215 Highway 74 as, heaven help us, a "Pacific Rim-meets-Southwest"...The mountains are apparently going grill-crazy: The Red Rocks Grill has opened down the road in Morrison at 415 Bear Creek Avenue. Its claim to fame: dinosaurs, not in the food--which focuses on steaks, prime rib and fish--but in ambience...Beginning June 11, Warren Byrne's The Restaurant Show will air on KEZW-1430AM from 3 to 6 p.m. Saturdays and from 8 to 10 p.m. Sundays. Byrne, a longtime staple of the restaurant scene, had been on KNUS for the past two years; he says only that KEZW has "more resources and capital to do the job right"...And last but not yeast, during the Great Harvest Bread Co.'s June 12 "Bakery for a Day" promotion, money from all sales at the Arapahoe Village Shopping Center store will go to the Boulder County Rape Crisis Team.

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