My tattoo has made its mark with the World Carrot Museum

Turns out, there is accounting for taste -- at least according to the World Carrot Museum.

Earlier this week, I posted a photo and explanation detailing why I now have a giant carrot tattooed on my body. Soon after, I heard from the curator of the World Carrot Museum -- which really does exist, and is based in the United Kingdom. And after some heavy negotiations and tense hours of contract reading, I decided to have my carrot's likeness added to the museum's virtual halls, where it's now proudly displayed among the other carrot tattoos.

And yes, those exist, too. Perhaps those of us so bonded by our mutual interest in the vegetable should meet up and throw baby carrots at the celery museum....

In any case, if you have nothing else to do today -- and I mean nothing -- check out the museum's website. Carrots in pop culture! Carrot myths busted! Carrots galore.

And in case that's too much, here's a a few of the other entries in the museum...and one that should be there.

This one is from "The Carrot Lady," named Zizi. She has over thirty carrots on her body. She likes carrots, far, far more than I--or anyone else (including Bugs Bunny)--likes carrots. This one, from the blog Oh, Interesting deserves mention. DIAMONDS!

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