No beach, but at least Arvada has Restaurant Blu and C-Level

Since last May, Chef Bruce David Mcginty has been running an interesting operation out in Arvada.

Restaurant Blu



are attached restaurants, located in a waterfront building overlooking Hidden Lake. 

Restaurant Blu is more of a fine-dining place, while C-Level bills itself as 'Arvada's only waterfront sports bar and grill.' Manager Dylan Lampert told me that C-Level is "basically an upscale sports bar with a little Mexican food and a bunch of seafood. We are located over the water and try to do the bar thing with a band and/or DJ on the weekends."

The restaurants are the first in the impressive-looking building, and also Mcginty's first Colorado restaurants. He went to the Culinary Institute of America in New York in 1990, and eventually opened up a successful line of restaurants on a variety of Caribbean Islands. He imported some of that flavor to Arvada, where the menus focus on seasonal, worldly influences and what he describes as "flavors of the sun."

Restaurant Blu and C-Level are located at 5175 West 68 Avenue in Avenue; reach them at 720-214-1090. 

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