Oak Tavern takes over Monarck

After five years as an upscale club, Monarck, at 1416 Market Street, is getting back to basics. Or close enough.

Lotus Concepts is reconcepting the club, which will reopen on July 16 as Oak Tavern, a more traditional saloon -- and one that owner Francois Safiedinne hopes will have a longer shelf life than the average club. "We feel like long term we really want to be able to remodel our nightclubs but not our taverns and restaurants," he explains. "And that's why, as a company, we're trying to not have too many clubs in our portfolio so we don't have to be redoing those places. Our plan with Oak Tavern is to be the type of place that would be there for fifteen years -- unlike the club scene, where you have to redo it every three or four years."

Oak Tavern will be casual, but not that casual: Mixologist Fransceco LaFranconi has created a line of speciality drinks, and chef Jeremy Roosa is offering a roster of "custom bites." The space will also feature two massive wooden bars, as well as twelve high-definition flatscreen TVs.

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