Obama burger watch

At this point, it's safe to say that I could commit myself to a full-time position of doing nothing but reporting on where the President (or VP) decides to eat his lunch every day. I mean, we've already had the Grey Poupon controversy (and the resulting, tongue-in-cheek marketing push by Grey Poupon), my shameless begging of Joe Biden to do something stupid or bizarre everywhere he goes (but especially when he's in my town). Then there was the recent POTUS/FLOTUS date-night dinner at Dan Barber's Blue Hill (jealous...) in Manhattan and now, a quick pop-in lunch at Five Guys in D.C. where Obama went for a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, mustard and jalapenos.

Big news? Not really. But interesting if only because Michelle Obama has already admitted to slipping her Secret Service noose to skip out for a Five Guys burger as well, and because Five Guys is a massive chain (400 locations and counting) that started in the D.C./Arlington area.  Way to keep it local, big guy!

Still, there are two kinds of people in the food world, facing off across either side of the burger divide. There are those who totally heart Five Guys and will defend it to the death, and those who really, really don't.  Guess which side of that line I come down on?

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