Old Guy gives way to Persian Gourmet

For weeks, we kept our eye on the business opportunity ads in the dailies, watching in horror as the price of a "newly remod restaurant for sale" kept dropping, and dropping. The address listed was 102 South Broadway, which meant it was the oddly named Old Guy Pasta & Salad Express, a too-bright joint that also seemed oddly conceived, since it was a fusion of Italian/Asian fare. When last we looked this summer, the price had dropped to $22,000 and the Old Guy finally gave up and closed its doors.

But apparently the price was finally right for someone, though, because the space now has a "grand opening" sign out front for its new occupant: Persian Gourmet.

The only evidence that Old Guy once existed are the handful of coupons still stuck in Broadway doorways and a review on Yelp, which includes this: "As I open up my Westword I notice again just how dead it is in the restaurant. This is not a good sign and I start to question my random stop. Then again, I love the movie Waterworld and nobody showed up to that...."


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