Oodles of noodles coming to town

In Bite Me this week, I talk about a couple of noodle joints coming to town -- Bones and Happy Noodle House -- and a New Yorker piece that helped fuel the fad. But Frank Bonanno and Dave Query aren't the only local restaurant empire-builders getting in on this act.

The Jet Entertainment Group also has a noodle bar coming: XO, which has been built onto the back of their Jet Hotel at 1612 Wazee Street. Unlike Bones's wild flights of chef-driven weirdness, XO will specialize in healthy noodle bowls made with organic ingredients.

In fact, when I got Jet's Johnny McMahon on the blower last week, he didn't really define the place as a noodle bar at all. "Green Asian, organic and natural," he said, adding that the menu will have noodles and then some.

As for an opening date for XO, that depends on how other projects -- including a pizza place Jet is opening at the Landmark project in Greenwood Village, and another pizza place downtown -- are going. "We have three concepts going right now," he said.

So XO might open late this month (which is when Bonanno's Bone's is slated to debut) or in January, when Query's Happy Noodle should open in Boulder. Either way, this town will have oodles of noodles. -- Jason Sheehan


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