Party down with Bob Schaffer's margarita

Did you miss this weekend's Cinco de Mayo festivities in Civic Center Park? You can still get a taste of them by picking up a bottle of Coyote Gold Premium Margarita -- the margarita that former U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer's wife, Maureen, is marketing along with her Fort Collins business partner, Randy Zwetzig, as "the microbrew of margaritas."

Even Bob has been pouring it on -- and out -- to tout the product that's bottled in Michigan (at least it's not the Marianas Islands, where the then-congressman studied sweatshop conditions while parasailing back in 1999), twittering when it was named the Official Margarita of Cinco de Mayo.

"It is simply the best margarita you will ever enjoy," Andrea Barela, NEWSED's development director, commented when the announcement was made. "We welcome Coyote Gold as our new margarita sponsor. We encourage everybody to attend the festival, sit back, relax and take in the sun by sipping on this 37 proof, refreshing, and indulgent margarita."

But like Schaffer, the marg is an also-ran -- even at 37 proof. Rather than risk getting a watered-down, rained-on festival version, we picked up a bottle of the pre-mixed margaritas for $22 at Bonnie Brae Liquors (according to the website, it's available in Colorado and Wyoming). The gold color was more appealing than those tidy-bowl blue premixed margs and it wasn't as teeth-squeakingly sweet as some, but we still found the brew oddly viscous.

Should Schaffer make another run at a public office, we wouldn't count on Coyote Gold as a liquid asset. Then again, it might make a fine way to drown his sorrows if he loses again.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.